3000 0 Flight Details Don't worry if you don't have your flight information to hand. The flight questionnaire will become available 6 weeks before your program start date. You will then have the option to return to your application to complete this section. 0 3001 0 FIE Scholarships Did you know FIE offers scholarships from $1,000 - $5,000? Click Here. 242 3003 0 Identity and Diversity Queries Study abroad students of all backgrounds face unique challenges in adjusting to their host country and cultural nuances. FIE seeks to support students with their adjustment process as much as possible.

As you are preparing to apply for your FIE study abroad programme, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or support needs around aspects related to your identity such as diversity, background, LGBTQ+, religion and faith, being a first generation college student, being a veteran or military-connected student, or accessibility.

If you are interested in setting up a time to talk with an FIE staff member about these concerns, please email FIE's Diversity & Inclusivity Leads.
3004 0 Your Date of Birth When entering your date of birth, please ensure you use the UK format i.e. DAY-MONTH-YEAR and not the US format (MONTH-DAY-YEAR). Please ensure you submit your correct date of birth on your application. If you have submitted an incorrect date, please contact info@fie.org.uk stating your correct date of birth in the email. 0 3005 0 FIE Application Deadline Please note, the application deadline for all FIE programs and scholarships is 11:59 pm GMT on the deadline date. 0 3006 0 Your Full Name When you begin your MyStudyAbroad application, please ensure that you enter your full name as it is written in your passport. 0 3007 0 Email Address When creating your MSA application, please use your university email address. Please use the same address when creating your MyInternship@FIE application, if applicable. 0